Boss Nurse Kids – Inspired to be Great…because it’s in our blood!
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About Us


Hi, I am Meko, Founder and CEO of Boss Nurse Kids. I am the oldest son of Dr. Romeatrius Moss, CEO of Black Nurses Rock and Boss Nurse Club! We are a military family and I have two brothers, and a dog!

I wanted to start a forum to support kids of Nurses who have extraordinary lives! They need our support and understanding. We watch them work hard for our families and we play a vital role. We have a job to do as Boss Nurse Kids! Join me today and learn how you can make a difference in your family and your future as well!

  • To help with chores
  • To do our best in school
  • To volunteer and serve others
  • To support your vision for our family
  • You work long hours
  • You study hard to fulfill your dreams